Fundraiser Coupon Book

Reasor's is proud to offer our 2016/2017 Fund Raising Coupon Booklet. This coupon booklet has been developed as a tool to assist Not-For-Profit organizations. Each booklet is filled with name brand items from a wide variety of departments within the store.

Please fill out our registration form and take it to any of our stores to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the coupon books be available for purchase?

Beginning August 1, 2016 groups can purchase books from the Customer Service Counter.

How much are the books and what is the groups profit?

Groups purchase the books for $1 and sell them for $5, making $4 per book.

How many books do I have to purchase?

Books come in boxes of 50. The minimum order is 50 coupon books (1 box) and your order must be in multiples of 50. Payment is due when books are taken.

Where do I get the books?

Books can be purchased at the Customer Service Counter.

When do the coupons expire?

July 31, 2017

What is the total value of the coupons in the book?

Value of the booklet is over $35.

What are the individual coupon values in the book?

The first coupon is worth $5 off a $50 purchase. The majority of the remaining coupons are $1 Off on name brand items.

Do I have to pay for the coupon books up front?

Yes. Payment must be made prior to receiving coupon books.

Can I return coupon books?

The coupon books have an expiration date set far in advance (July 31, 2017) so each group should have ample time to sell the books before they expire. We recommend that each group begins with a number that they feel comfortable selling.

How many coupon books can my group sell?

As many as you want! This depends on the size of your group and the amount of effort they focus on selling the coupon books.

Can I sell the coupon books at the store that I purchased them from?

No. Due to overwhelming requests from groups soliciting assistance, this fund raiser has been developed as a means to provide assistance to all Not-For-Profit groups who could gain from our help in raising extra funds. In order to make an equal opportunity for all groups involved, our policy does not allow any on-site solicitation. We believe the value of the coupon books alone will provide all the assistance you need to make an easy sale to your friends, neighbors, relatives and peers.