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In-Store OREO Stacking Challenge

Reasor's is challenging you to come test your OREO Stacking skills. The event will take place on Sunday, May 26th from 10:30am – 6:30pm at all 17 Reasor's locations. Everyone 6 to 11 is encouraged to compete with a parent or guardian to see who can create the tallest tower of OREO cookies in 30 seconds and become the Master Stacker... without the tower toppling over.

All you need are steady hands and, of course, OREO cookies to battle to become store champion and WIN the opportunity to represent your store at ONEOK field on June 9th when the Tulsa Drillers take on Springfield and compete, on-field, to become the Reasor's Ultimate Master Stacker.

All participants will receive an OREO collapsible cup, with the top team in each store receiving tickets to the Tulsa Drillers game on June 9th where they will compete, on-field, to be the Reasor's Ultimate Master Stacker.

Additional details:

Who plays to be the OREO Stacking Challenge Ultimate Master Stacker?

  • Any shopper 6+ (children ages 6-11 must participate with a parent/guardian)
  • Participation is in teams of 2. One will be the Cookie Distributor and one will be the Stacker.

How do you play?

  • Team has 30 seconds to stack OREO cookies as high as possible, without them toppling over
  • Only 1 stack per team is allowed
  • Prior to "GO", the Stacker (child between the age of 6-11 to qualify) may have one cookie
  • The Cookie Distributor (parent/guardian)will hand over cookies as needed
  • The Stacker may only stack one cookie at a time
  • After 30 seconds, all stacking must halt (time will be kept by the Engagement Specialist)
  • Cookie stack must stand for at least 3 seconds after the 30 second time limit has expired
  • Judge (Engagement Specialist) will measure the height of the stack & marvel at the stacking talent of the team!

Who WINS the OREO Stacking Challenge?

One team from each store will be chosen as the Master Stacker winning team for their location (17 teams) and one team from each store will be chosen as the Master Stacker alternate team for their location. Each team will receive a $25 Reasor's gift card and 2 tickets to the Sunday, June 9th Tulsa Drillers game at 2:05pm taking place at ONEOK Field in Downtown Tulsa, OK. The winning teams of all locations (or the alternate team, if the winning team is not present) will take the field during the game to compete in the "Stack-off" between innings. The winner of the on-field challenge will win a $100 Reasor's gift card and Ultimate bragging rights.