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Fresh Kale Salad

Have you met the "queen of greens," kale, also known as borecole? This vegetable is the new talk-of-the-town, due to its incomparable health benefits, nutrient richness and taste. What makes this vegetable so outstanding? Studies have shown that choosing this "super-food" on a regular basis may provide significant health benefits including lower cholesterol and cancer prevention.

Kale surpasses many other vegetables in the amount of nutritional content in just one serving of chopped kale. Kale includes 8 different vitamins, including high concentrated levels of A, C and K, which are the primary source of the health benefits of kale. Some of the other nutrients you may find are: manganese, fiber, calcium, potassium and many, many more.

Not convinced? Stop by and try our fresh Cranberry Rainbow Kale Salad, full  of  dried cranberries and nuts, a sweet but tart flavor,  made fresh daily in our Deli.