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April Cheese of the Month

Reasor's Cheese of the Month for April is the Pico de Salsa aka Salsa Fresca. This cheese won the silver medal in the 2015 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest and is made by Henning's Wisconsin Cheese.  The Henning's Wisconsin Cheese company is a four generation family owned business based in rural Kiel, Wisconsin.  They offer a wide variety of cheeses that have won national and world awards.  This small family dairy grass feed their cows to continue to provide Henning's Cheese with a source of quality milk.


This cheese is made by forming curds then cheddaring.  Cheddaring is the process of flipping of the loaves of curds to press the whey out of it!  The more whey that is pressed out of the cheese, the less bitter in flavor it will be.  The next step involves making sure the curd pieces are broken up, which will allow the cheese to press better form into the wheels.  Next, the cilantro, onion, and Serrano peppers are added to the white cheddar.  The curds, now flavored, are put into circular containers (which will make the 22-pound wheels) and pressed overnight - again to press out the whey.