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Hot Cross Buns

Come in and give our delicious fresh baked Hot Cross Buns a taste. Hot Cross Buns are a seasonal yeast bread traditionally served on Good Friday. These sweet buns are nicely spiced with ground cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves, and are freckled with raisins and candied fruit. What makes them instantly recognizable is that the tops of the buns are marked with a 'cross' which has a symbolic meaning.

There's so much legend and folklore behind Hot Cross Buns, which dates back to the old country. It has been said that Hot Cross Buns baked on Good Friday would never spoil throughout the following year. Some bakers believed that holding on to one Hot Cross Bun and hanging it in the kitchen meant that all yeast products in the coming year would rise successfully. Some sailors took Hot Cross Buns on their voyages to ensure their ships wouldn't sink. And friends who gift one another with Hot Cross Buns every year are said to remain friends for life. We aren't sure if that's due to inherent powers in the buns...or just all the yummy goodness.

Come in and try them for yourself!