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Redbud Farms All Natural Artisan Breads


Our Redbud Farms Artisan Breads are created with old-world recipes, then carefully hand-made into loaves, and cooked in a stone hearth oven. Each loaf has a thick hearty crust, with amazing flavor and wholesome goodness! Not only do they have unbeatable taste, our breads have all natural ingredients, with no preservatives or additives.  Choose between 6 delectable flavors: Rustic Sourdough, Italian Wheat, Seven Seeds Multigrain, Classic  Ciabatta, Nutty Cranberry Raisin, and French Baguette.  Try one today!


Looking for a healthier bread without sacrificing flavor? One of the best tasting and healthiest breads is the Seven Seeds Multigrain bread, made with whole wheat flour and 7 lucky grains including poppy, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds, oats, spelt flour and is lightly sweetened with agave.


Recipe ideas

  • Grilled cheese using Rustic Sourdough or Italian Wheat with gruyere, smoked cheddar and tomato slice
  • Appetizer using Nutty Cranberry Raisin, flavored goat cheese spread