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Dry Aged Certified Angus Beef®

Like fine wine, the quality of beef is enhanced with proper aging. Dry aging increases beef's tenderness and concentrates its flavor as the juices are absorbed into the meat, producing an intensely rich nutty flavor. Hand selected cuts of substantially marbled Certified Angus Beef® are stored on racks in our temperature controlled cooler to age a minimum of 21 days.

During the dry aging process the meat undergoes a transformation as enzymes in the meat naturally break down proteins which improves tenderness. The dry aging process concentrates the flavors as excess moisture is evaporated. This is the old-fashioned way of aging beef, nearly a lost art simply because it takes longer and is more expensive to produce. But just one bite of the extraordinarily rich flavor and buttery texture of our dry-aged Certified Angus Beef® will convince you that good things are worth the wait.

Experience the difference of dry aged Certified Angus Beef® USDA Choice beef in these fine cuts:

  • Ribeye
  • T-Bone
  • Porterhouse
  • Top Sirloin
  • KC Strip
  • Bone-in Ribeye
  • Tenderloin Filets

Available at these Reasor's locations:

  • Bixby
  • Broken Arrow - 71st & Lynn Lane
  • 15th & Lewis
  • 41st & Peoria
  • 41st & Yale
  • Owasso South - Highway 169 & 86th St N