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Redbud™ Farms

Redbud™ Farms Redbud™ Farms Chicken

At Reasor's®, quality matters to us. That's why we offer top of the line poultry and pork. The Redbud™ Farms brand adheres to the highest standards, to ensure that our products are consistently of the finest quality. Currently, Reasor's® offers a variety of Redbud™ Farms poultry and pork products such as: Redbud™ Farms Chicken, Redbud™ Farms Prime Pork, Redbud™ Farms Half and Whole Bone-In Shank Portion Hams, Redbud™ Farms Sausage, and Artisan Chicken by Redbud™ Farms.

Reasor's Gourmet Beef Burgers

Gourmet Beef Burgers

Our Gourmet Beef Burgers are made with only the best beef, Certified Angus Beef®. They are ground fresh daily, then mixed with unique flavors to create the perfect burger. These juicy burgers boast high-quality additions that enhance their rich and enticing flavors like: Red Onion, Cheesy Bacon, Jalapeno Jack, Bleu Cheese and Roasted Garlic & Onion. Check them out in our meat service counters today!

Reasor's All Natural Pork

Reasor's® Premium Pork

Our All Natural Pork brings flavor to the table each time it's prepared! It has no growth hormones, no antibiotics, and no solution added. This pork is a product of the USA and guaranteed FRESH! It's trimmed daily and cut to 1/8" spec, this ensures that there is minimal external fat content and maximum value for your budget! We've perfected the flavor with a natural approach that you and your family can feel good about. If you want freshness, flavor, and superior quality, you've come to the right place!

Flown in Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Fresh Salmon

Can't get out to the Coast for fresh salmon? Not a problem! At Reasor's we bring the freshest product right to you. Our Atlantic Salmon is flown directly into Tulsa, guaranteeing it to be the freshest Salmon in town. This Salmon is firm in texture and very flavorful. It's perfect for steaming, sautéing or grilling. However you like your Salmon to be prepared, its flavor is sure to impress your taste buds.