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Buford Ranches – Welch, Oklahoma

Jeff Reasor's father opened the first Reasor's store in 1963. Today, they strive to carry on his legacy by offering you premium products like the Certified Angus Beef ® brand. It's brought to you by local ranchers across the country, like Sam Buford and his family.

Ranching is a cherished family tradition for the Buford family. It began more than 70 years ago, when Sam's ancestors started raising cattle in northeastern Oklahoma. Today, Sam, his brother Stephen and his sister Sharon represent the third generation of the Buford family in the cattle community.

"We hope to pass this legacy on to our children, the fourth generation," Sam notes.

Not only does he feel a responsibility to his entire family, but also their livestock, land and community. As a rancher, he knows the decisions he makes can impact his legacy. It's a way of life the Bufords cherish, and one he works to protect for future generations.

He also takes great pride in raising quality beef that is at the center of dinner tables – in his house, his neighbors', across the state and beyond.

"We work hard to bring you the very best beef, and so does Reasor's," says Buford. "They know taste matters, and that's why you'll find the Certified Angus Beef ® brand in the Reasor's meat case."

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is raised by family farmers and ranchers, like the Bufords, who – like other Angus ranching families – are caretakers of their cattle and the land on which they roam. They raise the best Angus beef available, and here at Reasor's, we're proud to bring it to your table.