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Redbud Farms™ Coffee

Now you can brew great-tasting, environmentally responsible coffee from a locally owned business that has been roasting in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, since 2005.

Redbud Farms™ Coffee is roasted by a family-owned roasting company with over 150 years of experience growing specialty, El Salvadorian coffee on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano. They have perfected the art of growing the right varietals and developing roast profiles that showcase them, and also roast specialty coffees from all over the world.

From the local roaster, to the edge of your cup, Redbud Farms™ Coffee is an original Reasor's product.

Fresher is Better

Redbud Farms™ coffee is significantly fresher than any other coffee on the shelf – because it is locally roasted and delivered directly to our stores only two days after roasting. Coffee, like most food products, simply tastes better when fresher.


By working with the local roaster Topeca Coffee, Reasor's is able to directly oversee the development of new coffees and make sure they are focused on quality and sustainability. Whenever possible, Topeca Coffee sources directly from the farm and buys Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees – reducing the distance between the grower and the consumer.


With the new Redbud Farms™ coffee you can select from a wide variety of flavor profiles, quality and price. The blends allow for well balanced coffees developed to showcase the unique flavors from different regions from around the world – at a great price. For an exceptional coffee experience, select a Single Origin coffee like the Rwandan, which truly showcases how hard work and meticulous selection from the farm to the roastery results in exceptional and unique coffees.

Support Local

By using a local roaster you are supporting the local economy. Reasor's is proud to be associated with Topeca Coffee, a Tulsa company with the same passion for excellence as we have, and we are pleased to help them continue to grow.