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Redbud Farms™ Traditional Sausage

Redbud Farms™ Traditional Sausage is produced locally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Siegi's Sausage Factory. The company is steeped in Austrian culinary tradition and has been since 1985, when it first opened its doors in Tulsa. Under the masterful guidance of Siegi Sumaruk, who was born and raised in Austria, this family tradition has seen growth and product expansion in America by third and now fourth generation sausage making experience.

All Redbud Farms™ Traditional Sausages are produced in the old style and made with quality ingredients. They are fully cooked, ready to heat and eat in minutes. You may either simmer them in water on the stove and/or pan-fry. They are also great on the grill. Available in six delicious varieties, you'll have trouble choosing a favorite!

Smoked pork and beef Bratwurst filled with Swiss and cheddar cheese.

Spicy Chicken Sausage
Fully cooked chicken sausage made with Swiss cheese, apples, jalapeno peppers and sun dried tomatoes.

Smoked Andouille Sausage
Cajun-style smoked sausage. Fully cooked and great with red beans and rice.

Polish Sausage
Traditional Polish sausage made with beef and pork. Hickory smoked and fully cooked. Seasoned with garlic.

Grobe Bratwurst
Traditional German sausage made with pork. Seasoned with onions, lemons, parsley and white pepper. Great on the grill.

Oktoberfest Beer Bratwurst
Bratwurst seasoned with mustard seeds, cracked black pepper, onions, lemon and marinated in Oktoberfest beer.