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Reasor's Expands Hearing Loop Technology to 71st & Sheridan Pharmacy

Now customers who have experienced hearing loss can discuss their medications and ask important health care questions with ease and clarity, thanks to a new technology which turns hearing aids into personal loud speakers.

A hearing loop system was recently installed by Hearing Loop Specialists, Inc., at the pharmacy window inside Reasor's at 71st & Sheridan. This is the second Reasor's location to receive the technology. A hearing loop was installed inside the Tahlequah store earlier this year. This will make communication easier between the hearing impaired customer who uses a hearing aid and the pharmacist. Reasor's is the first pharmacy in Oklahoma to offer this new technology to customers.

"Clear, precise communications between the pharmacist and our customers is paramount to achieving good health care outcomes," said Mike Dotson, Director of Pharmacy. "Hearing impairment is on the rise for a variety of reasons and wellness and prevention are enhanced when all aspects of medication therapy and disease management are understood. We want to make our customers trips to Reasor's pharmacy a great experience".

Anyone with a telecoil-equipped hearing aid can benefit from the technology. The hearing loop system includes a thin wire placed around the listening area, a special amplifier and a microphone. The hearing loop broadcasts the desired sound as a magnetic signal, which in turn is picked up by the telecoil in the hearing aid device.

The end result is a high quality, amplified reproduction of the original sound, allowing the speaker and listener to effectively communicate. Background noise can almost be eliminated.

Visitors to the 71st & Sheridan Reasor's pharmacy will see a blue logo indicating that a hearing loop is installed around the window. Customers are instructed to switch their hearing aid or cochlear device to the "T,", "T-Coil" or "telephone" position.

This service will be expanded to other Reasor's pharmacy locations.