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What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free app that rewards you with real cash on top of in-store savings and manufacturer coupons.

How Do I Get Started?

Download and open the free Ibotta app and select Reasor's in the Grocery category. Scan or enter your Rewards card number by clicking "Link Account" at the bottom right of the screen. Remember, you must link your card before the first time you go shopping!
How Ibotta Works at Reasor's:

Before shopping, choose your favorite products by completing fun tasks. The more you choose, the more you'll earn.
Buy your chosen products at Reasor's.
Checkout using your Reasor's Rewards card. The first time you use Ibotta, make sure to link your Reasor's Rewards card before checkout.
Congrats! Cash is added to your Ibotta account. Over $4 million earned to date by Ibotta users!