Redbud Farms Coffee
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A delicious and refreshing summertime favorite!
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Walnut Marketing Board
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Healthy version of an old favorite!
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California Avocado Commission
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This refreshing wine cooler will please the guests at your next party.
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The flavor combination of fresh apple, orange, raisins, rum and star anise, gives an unusually pleasing taste to apple cider.
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Delicious hot or chilled, this apple cider-flavored eggnog is a favorite of children and grown-ups alike. If you like, you can stir in applejack or rum for adult gatherings.
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Traditionally served on festive holidays, eggnog is actually good anytime. To the usual milk and egg mixture is added the tanginess of fresh citrus juices. Serve this drink with a plateful of fresh baked cookies or as a refreshing drink for breakfast.
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Refreshing and light, this is an excellent punch to serve when fresh strawberries are in season.
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