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This cake tastes much like a German Chocolate cake and is moister the second day.
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No need to have a heart shaped cake pan to make this easy cake!
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Certified Angus Beef LLC
Whole tenderloin roasts have a tapered end. For best results, simply tuck the smaller end under the roast before cooking.
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Certified Angus Beef LLC
Prized for its intense flavor and grand appearance, this roast has one unusual characteristic. It makes three portions attached to the bone, and additional servings come from between the bone-in portions. Tolerate the bone, chefs say it actually enriches this cut's flavor.
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Certified Angus Beef LLC
A lean cut, this small but sophisticated roast is best served thinly sliced.
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Certified Angus Beef LLC
Could there be a more American meal than tender, juicy pot roast and vegetables? Sure hot dogs and apple pie are the quintessential American favorites, but chances are your Sunday dinners featured more pot roasts than frankfurters.
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Use butternut, acorn, hubbard, or any of the yellow winter squashes for this dish. It is excellent if you blend a variety of squashes, including pureed cooked pumpkin.
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Relatively inexpensive frozen salad shrimp are used in this Creole chicken dish but larger ones can be substituted if preferred.
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Traditionally served on festive holidays, eggnog is actually good anytime. To the usual milk and egg mixture is added the tanginess of fresh citrus juices. Serve this drink with a plateful of fresh baked cookies or as a refreshing drink for breakfast.
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Homemade fudge is always a favorite!
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Sweetly spiced, yet piquant, this tenderly cooked pork entree mingles the vivid flavors of the Caribbean.
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Classic cioppino is prepared with a variety of fresh fish and shellfish.
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Fresh chopped vegetables add texture to a thick, rich, quickly prepared potato bisque.
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Chef Lou
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An updated version of pumpkin pie
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Easy and quick - in the oven in 15 minutes.
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Healthy version of an old favorite!
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