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Beautiful Bouquets

With a little extra care, your floral bouquet's will last days--even weeks--longer than if you simply take them home and plop them in a vase.

  1. Prepare a clean vase with fresh, cool water. Remove leaves that will be underwater once you place the flowers in the vase. Leaves deteriorate, causing bacteria to grow and clog flower stems. When the flowers can't uptake water, they die.
  2. Cut a half-inch off each flower stem. Use a sharp knife or floral scissors so you don't crush the stem, which will restrict water flow. Cut underwater in a sink or large bowl for longest life.
  3. Add flower food, and place bouquet in vase. Flower food provides nutrients and chemicals to kill bacteria. Every two to three days, remove the flowers, empty the water and wash the container in warm, soapy water. Refill, then repeat Steps 2 and 3.

Published by Floral Lifestyles, A publication of Vance Publishing Corporation