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French Tulip Transformations

Tulips stretch to face the closest light source. Plus, they often grow longer by the second day after sitting in water. Keep out of the sun or drafts.

  1. Fill a large container with water and flower food. Resist your first impulse to remove the plastic sleeves in which your tulips are encased. Leave them on and follow these steps to strengthen your tulip stems. While still sheathed in the plastic, trim off the bottom half inch of each stem.
  2. Place the bouquets - still in their sleeves - in cool, clean water. Let them sit for about four hours before taking out and removing the plastic sleeve.
  3. If a few tulip heads droop, perk them up by poking a hole just beneath the flower head with a pin to allow air to escape and water to move up the stem. Remove damaged leaves, and rinse dirt between the leaves and stems. Place in vase. For longest life, remove the flowers every few days, wash the vase, recut the stems and add them to the vase with fresh water and floral food.

Published by Floral Lifestyles, A publication of Vance Publishing Corporation