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Hand-Tied Beauty

A hand-tied bouquet of roses may look extravagant, but it's easy to accomplish with the right tools: floral tape, floral wire and about 20 slightly open roses. To be assured of a fresh look, assemble the bouquet the day of the event.

  1. Individually trim each stem to a length you can comfortably grip. Cut a piece of floral wire to about a half inch longer than the rose stem. Align the wire with the stem and push about a half inch of the wire into the base of the rose head. Wrap the wire and stem together with floral tape. The wire ads support to the stem.
  2. Tape roses together in groups of three. Then tape those groups together until you form the full bouquet. Make sure the height of each rose's head is equal to that of the others.
  3. To complete your bouquet, tie a length of ribbon to the base of the stems and then wrap the ribbon to cover the knot. Continue wrapping the length of the stems, completely covering the floral tape. Pin the ribbon's end to attach. Finish with a bow or streamer of ribbons.

Published by Floral Lifestyles, A publication of Vance Publishing Corporation