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Magnificent Miniatures

Caring for miniature roses is quite basic. Simply provide water when needed, good light and, occasionally, prune and fertilize to start the blooming process anew.

  1. Do not let the soil of your miniature rose dry out. Keep it moist at all times. To water, fill saucer in which your rose sits and allow the plant to soak it up for no longer than 30 minutes. Then drain off this water so the roots won't drown.
  2. Clip off withered flower blooms to renew growth. Also remove yellowed leaves. A cool spot with plenty of light also will encourage reflowering. Direct sunlight is too harsh.
  3. Your rose can grow indefinitely indoors. But if it stops blooming or does poorly, try planting your rose outside. Water regularly. Early next spring, cut the plant to 5 inches from the ground. Fertilize as directed on fertilizer package.

Published by Floral Lifestyles, A publication of Vance Publishing Corporation