Free Meal for Military Personnel in Honor of Veteran’s Day

We are able to enjoy the freedom we have today because of the men and women who have fought and served to protect it.
In honor of Veteran’s Day, Reasor’s would like to invite all Veterans and Active Duty personnel to join us for a FREE meal on Saturday, November 11th from 11:00am – 7:00pm. Simply show proof of military service and choose from one of our $5.99 specials. Includes choice of 2 chicken tenders or 2 piece fried chicken… read more “Free Meal for Military Personnel in Honor of Veteran’s Day”

Eat Real: Food Day 2017

It’s Food Day 2017! How does that affect you? 
As consumers, we are all looking for the best food at the best price. Cue Food Day… Food Day focuses on a diet that is healthy, affordable and cares for our environment; from the land to the animals and the farmers who cultivate both. Although to some this sounds like a daunting task, we ,as Registered Dietitians at Reasor’s, are passionate about food and nutrition and strive daily to bring… read more “Eat Real: Food Day 2017”

Ask Your Reasor’s Registered Dietitians: Package Dates & Product Claims

This particular note stems from a question we were recently asked by a customer, Christine: “What do the dates printed on canned foods mean? Can I eat the food if it’s past the printed date?” Here is an easy guide to assess what those dates mean:

“Sell-by” indicates the date by which a store can no longer display the product as for sell. The product should be purchased before this date.
“Best if Used by” or “Use-by” indicates the… read more “Ask Your Reasor’s Registered Dietitians: Package Dates & Product Claims”

Navigating Food Allergies

So, what are food allergies exactly and are they the same as an intolerance? While these two terms can be confusing; a food allergy is caused by a reaction from the immune system that has the potential to be life threatening while a food intolerance, like lactose intolerance, is a sensitivity to a certain food product and not considered life threatening. It is vital that not only parents of children with food allergies take caution in the foods included in… read more “Navigating Food Allergies”

Why Choose Certified Angus Beef?

The term Certified Angus Beef (CAB) pops up a lot in Reasor’s but what does it mean? Simply… it is the standard. What are the benefits compared to other kinds of meat? Is it nutritious? We’ll explore all of this and more!
In order for beef to be Certified Angus Beef, each cut of meat is judged against 10 exacting quality standards. Some of these standards discuss marbling, which promotes flavor. Cuts high in muscle promote tenderness. Color also comes… read more “Why Choose Certified Angus Beef?”

Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe

It’s not surprising that beets are one of America’s most disliked vegetables. Most commonly seen as slippery rounds on a salad bar or blended in smoothies and juices at juice bars, if you haven’t had them cooked multiple ways, I understand your repulsion. Most politely described as, “earthy” in taste (the most honest humans call that, “dirt”), they are quite unappealing to the beet newbie. I can freely admit that I used to dislike beets. But, as with many foods,… read more “Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe”

Teal Pumpkin for Allergy Awareness

Did you know a teal pumpkin outside your home lets trick-or-treaters know that you have treats that are allergy-friendly? Reasor’s is proud to offer hand painted teal pumpkins for purchase at all stores during the Halloween season while supplies last! Placing a teal pumpkin outside your home implies you have non-candy treats, and/or treats free from the top eight food allergens which include: wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish. Your Reasor’s dietitians believe every child should… read more “Teal Pumpkin for Allergy Awareness”