Avocados + Heart Health

February is American Heart Month and with heart disease topping the causes of deaths for Americans what better time than now to talk about some of those heart healthy foods!? While no one specific food is going to cause heart disease, no one specific is going to cure or prevent it either. Important lifestyle factors including not using tobacco products, regular physical exams, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, and consuming an overall nutritious diet which consists of healthy fats, getting… read more “Avocados + Heart Health”

5 Things You Might Not Know About… Canned Foods

1. February is #NationalCannedFoodMonth! Canned foods are often inexpensive and make great additions to meals, smoothies, salads, and more! Tuna and salmon help complete a meal, fruit and veggies (spinach, anyone??) go great in smoothies, and beans make a great addition to salads.

#FunFact: You can substitute 1/4c of Libby’s Pumpkin for an egg in your baking recipe! #PumpkinCan

2. By rinsing canned foods, you can reduce the sodium content by up to 41%! Consuming foods lower in sodium… read more “5 Things You Might Not Know About… Canned Foods”

Heather’s Predicted Nutrition Trends for 2018

This past fall I was able to attend FNCE, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual national Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. We will stick to just calling it FNCE for short…..  😆 Not only did I have the opportunity to attend several educational sessions from leadership to the future of food to farming practices, I was able to scour through the hundreds and hundreds of vendors in the expo. There were several nutrition themes that seemed to repeat… read more “Heather’s Predicted Nutrition Trends for 2018”

Yoga Class: Still Going Strong… but Still a Little Wobbly

For those of you new to my yoga adventures, I started participating in a weekly yoga class back in August. The concept of yoga was pretty foreign to me, so if you need some encouragement (or a good laugh) I highly recommend my previous blog post on the topic.
As I look back on the past five months at my participation in yoga class, and considering all that has happened in my life, I can sit here and comfortably say… read more “Yoga Class: Still Going Strong… but Still a Little Wobbly”