Beautiful Fall Mums

Hardy mums make a great addition to a fall garden or landscape, and are a necessary component of fall beauty. Park Hill Plants, located in the beautiful backdrop of the Ozark mountain range in Tahlequah OK., has been our local grower for the past 8 years. This is a family owed operation with many years in the nursery business. There are several benefits to buying locally grown plants. The plants are acclimated to this growing region since they are not brought in from another growing area. Additionally, it creates a stronger plant because they have not travelled through the warehouse environment in a box.

Mums are photoperiodic, which means they only bloom under certain lighting conditions and require regular feeding due to their heavy blooming. They also need adequate water and drainage. Mums are an easy care plant, and do not require much beyond regular watering. Once the blooming has completed, they do not need to be cut back. Instead, mulch them with about six inches of mulch, pine needles, or straw. This will help ensure that they will bloom for many seasons to come.