Chocolate….it stimulates the production of endorphins, otherwise known as the happy hormone.  Just a bite can send you into another world, whether you like it sweet and milky or dark and savory.

Share with us the indulgence of chocolate in our stores by visiting the bakery and indulging in a moist, chocolately cupcake. Or bite into a fresh, chocolate covered strawberry from our produce department. This special promotion will be in full swing during Valentine’s Day and beyond – making it your headquarters for candy, sweets and savory delicacies for that special day.

If you or your family loves chocolate – don’t miss Reasor’s Chocolate Indulgence!

Mark your calendars and come to any Reasor’s location to indulge yourself with chocolate items on the below dates and times!


We will be sampling deliciously divine chocolate items every Monday and Friday 3pm-7pm from January 17th-February 17th. Or stop by every Saturday and Sunday 11am-7pm from January 18th-February 16th!