TRESemme Pro Collection Thick & Full Conditioner, 22 oz

It’s time to let thin hair bounce back, bold and full! You demand body and hold to let you achieve the styles you desire, but without weighing your hair down.Introducing TRESemme Thick & Full system, specially formulated with Glycerol, to penetrate and expand the hair fiber, giving you visibly thicker, fuller locks. Our balm also contains a mixture of styling polymers and texturizing waxes that give your hair the grip and lift you need for long-lasting stylesTRESemme Thick & Full Conditioner is formulated with plumping glycerol to help deliver moisture, so you can enjoy easy detangling and visibly thicker hair everyday.How to get Thick & Full hair:For full, luscious locks, start with TRESemme Thick & Full Shampoo. Then apply TRESemme Thick & Full Conditioner from mid-lengths to ends.Work any remaining product that's left through the roots. Run a wide-tooth comb or fingers from roots to ends to detangle and fully coat the hair strands. Leave on 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.Finish with TRESemme Thick & Full Balm to help you to get texture, body and root lift for long-lasting, thicker and fuller looksIf you think TRESemme Thick & Full Conditioner is great for delivering moisture to your thirsty locks, don’t keep it under your hat! Leave a review and share your tips for thicker, more luscious locks You need visibly thicker and fuller hair to get the looks you want TRESemme Thick & Full hair treatment system can help you achieve visibly thicker hair so you can work the best looks Formulated with Glycerol, which is known to penetrate and expand the hair fiber to attain thick hair TRESemme Thick & Full Conditioner for hair is pH balanced and creates moisturized hair for easy detangling Thickening system formulated to help plump up the hair fiber and create visibly thick hair Follow up with TRESemme Thick & Full Balm to give you the grip and lift you need to visibly thicker hair and long-lasting styles