Cut Clean Greens Flat Mustard

The original farm fresh. Cooking greens. Get your vitamins & minerals in nature's original package! A, C, K & folate, fiber, calcium, potassium. A mild peppery mustard flavor. The living flavor and freshness of greens. Flat Mustard: (Texas broadleaf) greens come from the mustard family, so they have a robust, pungent mustard taste. These greens can be served raw, substituted for lettuce in sandwiches and salads, or cooked up in your favorite stir-fry and saute recipes. Nourishing the body whole - Greens: the super food. Cooking greens are a powerhouse loaded with vitamins and minerals. Fat-free. Low-carb, cholesterol-free. Low in sodium and calories. High in vitamins A, C and K. High in folate, fiber, calcium and potassium. Important in the fight against cancer, macular degeneration, heart disease and more. Cut 'n Clean Greens are hand-picked in our fields and hand-processed in our plant every day with unmatched personal attention designed to bring you the very best, freshest greens that mother nature can provide!