Wholly Avocado® Simply Avocado™ Chunky Avocado Dip & Spread 8 oz. Container

All natural. 100% avocado. Always ripe. Always ready. 8 oz peel & serve tray. Gluten free. 100% avocado and nothin' else. Don't let the box fool you. Just because we've already hand-scooped it for you doesn't mean we added anything! Wholly Avocado is always ripe, always ready with no preservatives or additives. So top it, spread it, mix it, love it! Make old favorites new: add it to your burgers and dogs; swap out mayo on your turkey sandwich or chicken salad; use as a base for your famous guacamole. We welcome your comments: eatwholly.com/contact-us. Please recycle. Product of Mexico.