Clutch Office Drawer Pantry

Posted on September 5th, 2017

There is only a lucky few of us who office from grocery stores, and thus has the ability fulfill snack-attacks at a moment’s notice. However, even us Reasor’s dietitians enjoy stocking our office drawers with foodie essentials.

       Designating a work drawer to food can make your work space not only a more delicious environment, but it can also help you stay on track with your health goals. If your work is like many offices, it might seem like someone is always bringing in pastries, cupcakes, and other indulgent foods for sharing. Keeping your drawer stocked with healthy snacks can play a small part in preventing impulsive food-grabs that have you reaching for the community sweets! Additionally, your hunger likely ebbs and flows from day to day, so there might be days you simply didn’t pack enough food for work, or your standard lunch serving didn’t quite do it for you. Having healthy food at your fingertips can help you avoid hanger (hungry + angry) and allow you to nourish yourself.

Quick-Cooking Oatmeal: More fiber than instant, with the same microwave capability of instant oatmeal. Plus, many of the instant oatmeals are loaded with sugar. Using plain allows you to control the added sugar.

Nut Butter Packets: It’s definitely cheaper to keep a jar of pb in your drawer, but I find the packets help with portion control (especially if you’re prone to mindlessly munching while working), and allows you to keep various nut butter types and flavors to appease your craving. Jif and Sunbutter also make individual servings.

Nuts: The omega 3 fatty acids in nuts and seeds improve cognitive function, so what better snack to have while working? Trail mix is another good option, just stick to the ones without all the sweets in them. I do recommend keeping these in Tupperware, mason jar, or other well-sealed containers to extend the shelf life.              

Dried Fruit:

                Dried Cranberries- I love to keep these around as an oatmeal topping.

                Prunes- Prunes get a rep of keeping us regular, but the Sunsweet Ones are super moist (gosh, I’m really not selling these very well am I?) and flavorful!

                KIND Pressed Bars- These are made with dried fruit—and vegetables in some cases— only, so I consider them in the dried fruit category.

Raisins and any other of your favorite dried fruit are other great options to keep around.


                Nature’s Bakery- A whole grain bar that is reminiscent of a healthier fig newton. They’re super economical to boot- A Reasor’s dietitian favorite among us, for sure!

                EPIC- I sometimes become tired of all the sweet bars on the shelves, and greatly appreciate this savory option. These 1 oz protein servings come in beef, bison, lamb, bacon, and more!



               Cholula- I’m a Cholula gal through and through. But, if you’re more prone to eating Asian flavors on the daily, Sriracha might be your go-to. Or perhaps you enjoy a more traditional hot sauce like Tobasco.

               Pepper Grinder- If you’re a pepper fiend like me, then this requires no explanation.

               Kosher Salt- As an athlete, my sodium needs are much higher than the average American, as I experience big sodium losses through sweat. Most individuals could stand to reduce sodium intake, so it’s not something I would recommend stocking, but it’s in my drawer, so I wanted to address it.

                Local Honey- For that unsweetened oatmeal I recommended earlier! Or, if you enjoy a bit of sweetener in your coffee or tea, I recommend honey due to the rich flavor that generally warrants less being added to your food.

                Cocoa Powder- Another great oatmeal ‘fixin.


                Tea- I keep both caffeinated and caffeine-free options in my drawer depending on my needs.

                 Mints- Or gum!


                Mug– We don’t have kitchen spaces here at Reasor’s, so I keep my mug in my drawer and bring it home on days that I use it.

                Paper Bowls– For the oatmeal. Keeping a reusable bowl would be more eco-friendly, though.

                Plate- You never know when a plate will come in handy at the office, so I keep this plastic one around.


There is a myriad of other food options to stock your drawer, but I hope some of these have inspired you to build a stocked desk drawer pantry! 


About The Blogger:

Hayden James, MA, RD/LD is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and enjoys running, rock climbing, and experimenting in the kitchen. Hayden offices from the Jenks Reasor’s, and she also provides dietitian services at both Reasor’s Owasso locations.

Information included does not constitute medical advice and should only be used as a general recommendation for a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. Reasor’s Registered Dietitians’ opinions and recommendations are their own; they are not paid to endorse any products or services.