Eat Real: Food Day 2017

Posted on October 24th, 2017

It’s Food Day 2017! How does that affect you? 


As consumers, we are all looking for the best food at the best price. Cue Food Day… Food Day focuses on a diet that is healthy, affordable and cares for our environment; from the land to the animals and the farmers who cultivate both. Although to some this sounds like a daunting task, we ,as Registered Dietitians at Reasor’s, are passionate about food and nutrition and strive daily to bring those together to our customers. Start small, aim big and the rest will fall in to place.




Go green for the day! The Green Meal Initiative encourages you to eat a plant based diet. I challenge you to literally go GREEN today or try something new. Have you tried

kohlrabi Image result for kohlrabi Swiss chard Image result for Swiss Chard  or even endive? Image result for endive


Reasor’s is passionate about produce. Choosing a new fruit or vegetable each trip to Reasor’s can enhance your food knowledge and grow your appreciation for even more foods. And if you need a recipe we would be glad to help!

You can also pledge to go meatless, one or more days a week. Plant based proteins are an economical way to a healthier diet. The Meatless Monday campaign continues to gain popularity and we frequently reference it on our Facebook page. If you feel adventurous, share your #MeatlessMonday photo with us to help inspire others! For more information or to take the pledge, check out Meatless Monday here!



Image result for open book


If we take the time to learn about our food and teach our younger generations, not only will we have a healthier population, but our planet will benefit too. Believe it or not, dietitians also have to continue to learn about nutrition, sustainability and ways to promote healthier options within a budget. How in the know are you? Take this quiz to see how food literate you are!



Shop with a list.  I know, super cliché, but it’s true. Knowing what you have on hand and then exactly what you need, will save you money and reduce food waste. Here is an easy printable shopping list that is sure to help with your smart shopping.

Finally, make a plan for your leftovers. Vegetables can be added to an egg scramble for breakfast or to a savory stew at dinner. Herbs can be frozen in olive oil for future sauté use. A leftover roast can easily be transformed into barbecue sandwiches! If you are in need of recipes check out Reasor’s Healthy Living or our Pinterest board!


Bring your Table to Life with your very own Food Revolution!


Sarah Cortese, RD/LD is a Registered Dietitian and a board eligible Specialist in Gerontological Nutrition. She is passionate about sustainable and affordable nutrition and bringing that information to her customers. Sarah maintains her office at our 41st & Yale location and also offers dietitian services at our Brookside and 15th & Lewis locations.

Information included does not constitute medical advice and should only be used as a general recommendation for a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. Reasor’s Registered Dietitians’ opinions and recommendations are their own; they are not paid to endorse any products or services.