I Tried A Yoga Class For The First Time – Here’s What Happened

Posted on September 7th, 2017


Quite often people assume because I am a registered dietitian I must also regularly participate in a variety of physical activities ranging from the not-so-strenuous to the downright intense and competitive. Truth is, though, I don’t. *Gasps of shock* For the most part of my physical activity routine, I enjoy walking, riding my bicycle, and participating in a tap class at a local dance studio. I’m pretty simple… but sometimes you just gotta branch out! And when I stepped out onto the branch, I found yoga. *Magical Chimes*

I knew my husband enjoyed yoga, but I didn’t know the first thing about it or how to even find a class. As luck would have it, though, there’s a free app for that (re: MINDBODY App)! So I logged on, typed in my zip code, and *POOF!* I had a list of studios, classes, and instructors all near me! After “shopping” and reading up on my options, I made my choice, booked me and my husband, and we took ourselves to class!

Here’s what I learned from and observed at my first yoga class:

  • I don’t hate it!
    In fact, it was quite enjoyable (Who am I kidding?! I loved it!). I wasn’t always sure what was going on (unlike my husband who’s a seasoned pro!), but I could watch the instructor and piece together what I was supposed to be doing most of the time.
  • It really is for everyone!
    So my body didn’t quite exhibit the range of flexibility the instructor’s did – so what?! I got out there and was being physically active for me! I was impressed with how many of the poses I could manage on my first try! And if I couldn’t do a pose all of the way, the instructor offered safe ways for me and other participants to modify the poses to accommodate various skill levels.
  • It would seem there is some muscle that stretches from my knees all of the way up to my armpits!
    Okay, not really, but suffice it to say it appears I activated some muscle groups with which I had previously lost contact. It felt good, though, to be sore from a great workout (Note: soreness after a workout is good – pain is not!).
  • Invest in your own yoga mat.
    Do I really have to explain this one? I mean, we were sweating all over those things, and I’m definitely pro-hygiene! Sure we clean them when we’re done, but come on!
  • If you’re new, let the instructor know.
    This way the instructor can keep an extra eye out for you and be ready to offer up some helpful tips when you need them!
  • There will be terms used that you won’t understand.
    This kind of ties in with my previous point, but don’t be scared of words like “vinyasa”. The instructor will walk you through each pose and flow. If you have questions afterwards, just ask!
  • It’s really a very supportive environment!
    Men and women from all walks of life unite to better themselves through physical activity and mindful, calming practices. What’s better and more welcoming than that?
  • Don’t worry about what you look like.
    Really, no one is paying attention to you because they’re focused on their own experience. That messier-than-intended bun and those buckets of sweat you got goin’ on? Make sure to wear deodorant, and then be like Elsa and just let it go.


See?! It doesn’t matter what you look like! The yoga mat doesn’t care!

To summarize, yoga works great for me. When you participate in physical activity, make sure you do it for you. Listen to your body and celebrate what your body can do! Yoga class was nice for me, and I’ll be returning for more! I hope you are encouraged to try something new, too!

Sydney Cavero-Egúsquiza, MS, RD/LD is a Reasor’s Registered Dietitian, and she is excited to share her new experience with yoga. Hopefully she has inspired you to try something new like yoga, too! Sydney offices out of the Bixby Reasor’s, and she also provides dietitian services at the Reasor’s stores at 71st & Sheridan and in Sand Springs.

Information included does not constitute medical advice and should only be used as a general recommendation for a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. Reasor’s Registered Dietitians’ opinions and recommendations are their own; they are not paid to endorse any products or services.