Salty Coconut & Turmeric Popcorn

Posted on August 3rd, 2018


  • 1/3 cup popcorn kernels (makes ~8 c)
  • 2 T coconut oil (unrefined, virgin)
  • 1 T ground turmeric
  • 2 tsp coarse sea salt


Heat a deep-bottomed pot or Dutch oven on medium-high heat. Add the coconut oil and a few popcorn kernels. When at least one of the kernels pops, add the remaining kernels and quickly place the lid on. When you begin to hear popping, shake the pot to move the kernels around, prevent burning, and ensure most kernels are popped. This will take three to five minutes. When the popping begins to dramatically slow down, remove from heat and quickly add the turmeric and coarse sea salt to the pot. Lifting the pot with the lid on, shake the pot to mix the spices around for adequate coating. Serve immediately or allow to cool before keeping in an air-tight container or bag for 4 days.
Popcorn is by far one of my favorite snacks. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and is a whole grain and fiber rich food.

I also enjoy its versatility- the flavor options are truly endless with popcorn on all sides of the flavor spectrum! I’m hooked on this turmeric variety for the added nutrition and flavor punch. Plus, it kinda looks like cheddar popcorn, making it kid friendly! I watched my 2 year old nephew go to town on this stuff, recently. He really couldn’t get enough of it! So, why turmeric?
Turmeric is widely hailed as a cure-all for an array of ailments, and while the literature doesn’t quite support this, it certainly has some benefits containing an anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin. In a few clinical trials, it has had some positive effects in patients with inflammatory diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, IBD, peptic ulcers, and more.
It also happens to taste delicious! If you aren’t familiar with turmeric, it is one of the key spices in curry. Turmeric also pairs beautifully with coconut, which is why coconut oil is the fat of choice for this tasty snack. Make sure to have a napkin nearby whilst snacking on this recipe- turmeric will stain your whites!
Popping plain popcorn kernels on your stove at home allows you to control the amount of fat and sodium added. Plain popcorn also gives you an opportunity to experiment with different flavor combinations. Below are a few of my favorites using the base recipe from above:
  • “Cheesy” Vegan Popcorn: Canola Oil + 1/4 cup nutritional yeast + 1 tbsp ground cumin + Salt
  • Smoke & Salt Popcorn: Avocado Oil + 1/2 cup fresh cilantro (add at end) + 1 tbsp smoked paprika + Salt
  • Savory Herb Popcorn: Duck Fat* + 3 sprigs, each fresh rosemary & thyme (throw in mid-popping) + White Pepper + Salt

Content was originally published by Hayden James, MA, RD/LD as a Facebook note for Reasor’s Healthy Living.

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