Top 10 Dietitian Picks at Reasor’s

Posted on January 18th, 2019

Happy 2019! I am going to share with you some of my favorite finds right here at Reasor’s! While these picks can certainly help you kick off 2019 a healthier you – they can be a part of a healthy diet any time of the year. Some of my favorite things about most of these picks is that they aren’t just healthy but they are QUICK and SIMPLE.


You can find these guys throughout the store – that is because they are really awesome  😉  Seriously though, you can find them pre-packaged with the other snacks like popcorn and crackers, in the baking aisle, or in our produce department in bulk. I personally love shopping the bulk section at Reasor’s because you can find what you need at a great price and get just the amount you need! Stay tuned to the ads because Reasor’s is known to put on a great sale for their bulk department. I love walnuts because of their buttery flavor that can be used in a variety of ways including tossed on a salad, plain as a snack, added to shrimp for honey walnut shrimp, used in tacos as a meatless protein option and so much more. If you get more than you can get through – just throw them in the freezer for later! Besides all of this, walnuts contain omega 3s which is associated with so many amazing health benefits including heart health, reduced inflammation, and increased brain health. Woohoo!


If you haven’t tried greek yogurt you are really missing out! Greek yogurt contains more protein and typically less sugar than its original counterpart. Greek yogurt also is almost lactose-free making it easier on the tummy to digest for some individuals. Due to the straining process of greek yogurt, you are left with yogurt that is thicker and more tart making it extremely versatile. I like to buy a large tub at a time to keep on hand to throw in smoothies, make a parfait, or use as a replacement for sour cream or mayo. When we choose plain yogurt we can control how much added sugar we are putting into our yogurt – try opting for sugar sources that have other nutritional benefits like unsweetened fruit!


If you don’t love guacamole, you are wrong. Can anyone else just sit down and eat guac for dinner? Because I sure could! I love that Reasor’s has their own guac that is already made for time savings! Their guac still contains all the great things that I love about guac – the creaminess, the flavor, and the healthy fats from the avocados. They have a variety of flavor options, so grab one and let me know how you like it!


Hello, healthy fats! Yes, salmon is one of the fatty fishes (which also includes trout, herring, and more) but salmon is filled with the good kind of fats – omega 3s! Salmon is also considered a lean protein option so it is lighter on the calories when compared to other meat options. Personally, salmon is my favorite fish and I love it blackened on a salad, in fish tacos, or served with an avocado tomato salad. Plus, fish is very quick to cook and salmon is filled with flavor. Salmon is easy to ‘catch’ on sale at Reasor’s so stock up during the sales to last you for a while! I always have the meat department wrap my salmon portions in twos so I can freeze the rest for later.


I sneak this stuff into everything….. it is one of my favorite nutrition tricks to share with customers. Flaxseed contains three big power players…. omega 3 fatty acids (are you tired of me talking about these yet?), fiber (great for gut health), and lignans (antioxidant qualities). Research shows that flaxseed may even help with reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke. That is one tall order for such a small seed. While you can find quite a variety of flaxseed throughout Reasor’s – I highly recommend you opt for the milled and/or ground version. The small seeds can be difficult for our guts to digest so we may not receive the full nutritional benefits from them if they aren’t ground. I throw the milled flaxseed into my smoothies, muffins, breads, oatmeal, energy balls, and so much more. You can find milled flaxseed on the baking aisle with the other flours or near the pharmacy with other nutritional supplements.


Hummus! This stuff is great as a spread, a snack, or to serve at a party. Hummus is traditionally made from chickpeas so it provides us with the benefits of a bean including fiber and protein which can, in turn, help us stay fuller longer! While most people have already tried hummus and hopefully loved it – most are not familiar with Reasor’s hummus! Our brand of hummus actually contains 85% less sodium than the competitor! Making hummus an option again for those who may have been sodium restricted – yay! I love our snack packs because they are just the perfect portion size but you seriously can’t go wrong with any of our options!


Ok, so I plug sorghum in anywhere I can because well I love the stuff and because a lot of people aren’t familiar with it. It is an ancient whole grain that cooks like rice but looks like couscous. You may have heard about sorghum molasses before and yes it is from the same plant! Its flavor is mild and earthy so most individuals will like the taste. I personally use it as a different option to rice and my favorite way to prepare it is as a cilantro lime sorghum. However, you can cook it as a breakfast grain, pop it like popcorn, or even use it as flour in gluten-free recipes. Since it is whole grain it will contain fiber and vitamins and minerals not found in refined grains.

#8: EGGS

Ok, so I know this pick isn’t groundbreaking but eggs are just that incredible! They contain an incredibly high biological value protein score (you can digest and use the protein) in a small package with a bunch of other nutrients and less than 100 calories. Eggs are also very versatile and easily prepared. Plus, they are a very cost effective protein choice! If you have strayed away from eggs because of their cholesterol then you will be happy to hear that dietary cholesterol is no longer a major concern according to recent research and the newest Dietary Guidelines for Americans!


Of course, a dried fruit these can be enjoyed just by themselves as a healthy snack (and it doesn’t take much – 1 date contains about 66 calories, 18 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 grams of fiber) but I love them as a baking substitute. With their natural sweetness and stickiness, they are able to act as a nice binder in recipes and still provide the recipe with extra nutritional benefits. One of my favorite uses for them is for a crust (I do fruit tart but you could pie or other goodies). I throw them in a food processor with walnuts and a sprinkle of sea salt and combine until you have a consistency that will hold up for a nice crust that requires no baking!


If you haven’t tried them already put them on your list! Veggie noodles (you may be familiar with zoodles – zucchini noodles) are typically used as a replacement for pasta. This swap reduces the calories in your meal and can certainly reduce the carbohydrates if you are choosing a non-starchy veggie noodle. Plus, you are adding an extra veggie to your plate which is always fantastic! I think they taste extra fantastic in the summertime when veggies are extra fresh and hydrating! Now if you don’t have a spiralizer at home or you just don’t want to hassle with it you can get FRESH veggie noodles in the Reasor’s produce department! If you aren’t sure how quickly you will use them or just want to keep them on hand you can also pick up your favorite veggie noodle from our frozen department which features zucchini, butternut squash, sweet potato, carrot, and more!

Of course, there are also plenty of other healthy options sold at Reasor’s and you can find a full list to all of my picks in the last 4 years to get a more lengthy list of ideas. Check out the ad every week for my most recent Dietitian Approved Picks of the week and look for those tags in-store to navigate the healthy options of Reasor’s!

About the Blogger:

Heather Steele, RD/LD is a Registered Dietitian and loves to garden, cook, and is expecting her first child. Heather offices out of the Reasor’s off 71st & Lynn Lane and is on staff at Reasor’s for all of your food & nutrition needs.
Information included does not constitute medical advice and should only be used as a general recommendation for a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. Reasor’s Registered Dietitian opinions and recommendations are her own; she is not paid to endorse any products or services.