June New Items

Posted on June 11th, 2019

Kahiki Egg Rolls, Bowls, Crispy Tempura or Stirfresh:
Kahiki believes in making great-tasting foods that excite and delight. And that means they don’t settle for anything less than bold ingredients and perfectly balanced recipes that define their deliciously convenient, Asian-inspired frozen foods.

PictSweet Farms Sweet Potato, Mashed Potatoes or Fries:
You may enjoy sweet potatoes for the health benefits they offer.  PictSweet uses only the highest quality, farm-fresh sweet potatoes in all of their products. They are the perfect side dish for any meal, and can be enjoyed as a snack.

Clearly Organic Gluten Free Frozen Pizza:
Looking for more healthful alternatives at prices you can afford?  Clearly Organic products are free from 100+ artificial preservatives and ingredients.

Greenies Dental Treats:
Like you, we love our pets like family.  That’s why we are bringing Greenies Dental Treats into our stores.  They are made with delicious, healthy ingredients that are easy to digest and help promote overall pet health.  These treats are made with natural ingredients plus added supplements such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients which may not be found naturally, but are safe and necessary for your pet’s growth and overall health.

Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Cat Food or Broth:
Real recipes. Real ingredients.  Real good.  Nutrish Pet Foods’ sole purpose has been to nourish and nurture pets everywhere for more than 85 years.  So you pets can live the fullest, happiest, healthiest lives possible.

1907 Water:
1907 Water starts with an ancient single-source aquifer, that has been refilled by snow-melt and rain for centuries.  This renewable water source naturally rises to the surface under its own pressure.  The bottles are BPA free, 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials- stopping new plastic from being added to the planet.

Marion’s Kitchen Marinades:
Marion’s Kitchen starts with the good stuff.  They don’t believe in bland food and never use artificial ingredients and think that everyone should be able to easily serve awesome flavorful food at home.  Every batch, whether it’s purchased here in the USA or in Australia, is taste-tested by Marion or her Mama Noi.

That’s It Apple Fruit Bars:
Natural, non-GMO fruit is used in their Apple Fruit Bars. That’s It.  Their goal is to make eating healthy snacks easy and stress-free. No washing, cutting or peeling required, no added preservatives, colors or added sugars.  There are less than five ingredients in their products. That’s It.

WOLO Protein WanderBar:
WOLO Protein bars are low sugar, high fiber, soy and gluten free protein bars.  When you are passionate about travel and food it isn’t always easy to find a great-tasting, all natural, beneficial and practical snack that is portable.  WOLO Protein WanderBars were created on those principles, providing on the go snacks that taste great and are great for you.

VitaCup Coffee K-Cups:
Vitamin infused coffee has never been easier or more convenient!  VitaCup Coffee K-Cups are infused with vitamins and superfoods to give you the tools you need to power your mind and body so you can do more of what makes you happy.  That’s why they are committed to creating delicious coffees and teas to take your daily ritual to the next level.