Reasor's Rewards - Fuel
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Earn Rewards with your grocery purchases

As a Reasor's Rewards cardholder you save money at the
pump by earning 3 Reasor's Rewards Points for every $50
you spend in a single transaction or over multiple transactions
(before sales tax)
. $50 = 3 points, $100 = 6 points, $150 = 9 points
and so on. These points can be used to reduce the per gallon price of fuel, up
to 20 gallons, on your next fill-up at any Oklahoma QuikTrip or Lil' Reasor's fuel center. 3 points saves you 3¢ per gallon, 6 points saves you 6¢ per gallon, and so on. There is no limit to the number of Rewards that you can accumulate, although each reward expires 60 days after the final purchase in which it is earned. Your Reasor's Reward points stack up until they are redeemed or expire.

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How to Earn Reasor's Rewards Points

  1. Print and fill out an application form here or at any Reasor's location and return it to any Reasor's customer service desk. You'll instantly receive your Reasor's Rewards Card.
  2. Earn 3 points when you spend $50 in qualifying purchases in a single or over multiple transactions (before sales tax). Also earn 5 points for each paid prescription.
  3. Have your cashier swipe your Reasor's Rewards Card each time you make a purchase at any Reasor's location. Your receipt will instantly show how many Reasor's Rewards Points you have, including your most recent shopping trip.

How to Redeem Reasor's Rewards Points

Fuel at any Oklahoma QuikTrip or Lil' Reasor's fuel center. Swipe your card at the pump to redeem. 3 Points = Save 3¢ per gallon, 6 Points = Save 6¢ per gallon, and so on!