Aerolatte 3C Fr Press

12 US fl oz (350 ml). At Aerolatte we design products to enable you to make coffee. Great coffee. At home. With ease. Unleash your inner barista and take it easy with Aerolatte - the incredibly frothy coffee company. French presses give an earthy, fuller flavour for a natural coffee. Our French press incorporates an easy to remove, dishwasher-safe, borosilicate glass carafe with a built in measuring guide. A secondary coffee grounds microfilter in the pour and special mechanics for a smoother and easier plunge. We even give you a measuring spoon. Spare carafes and filters are available. If you love coffee as much as we do, you'll be pleased to know that we've designed a full range of products to help you make coffeehouse quality drinks of any style at home. To see the full range, visit our website at The incredibly frothy coffee company. Multi lingual instructions inside. Food safe. Made in China to European design.