Kona Brewing Co.® Aloha Series Hibiscus Brut IPA, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Cans

Seasonal release. Made with 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee. A wave like no other. Since 1994, Kona Brewing Company has been committed to making handcrafted ales and lagers of uncompromised quality. We invite you to visit our brewery and pubs whenever you visit Hawaii. Mahalo! Big Island Brews Unite: Kona Brewing Co.'s Pipeline Porter is dark, toasty and smooth because it's brewed with roasted barely, a select blend of premium hops and 100% pure, Hawaiian-grown Kona coffee. We source our beans from Cornwell Estate, located on the slopes of Mauna Loa, in the heart of the Kona Coffee Belt. The plantation sits at 1500 feet elevation with rich, deep volcanic soil, sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons - an ideal place for growing coffee. Only red, ripe cherries are hand-picked and slowly sun dried before roasting to a deep chocolate brown. Authentic Kona Coffee beans can only come from Hawaii and are considered some of the best in the world. www.CornwellCoffee.com. A Wave Like No Other: Hawaii is home to the North Shore of Oahu, a seven mile stretch of coastline where big wave surfing was born. The Bonzai Pipeline is a particularly revered break that serves up steep, curling waves with a rush that leaves surfers wide-eyed and grinning. Kona Brewing Co. honors this mecca of surfing with a beer that delivers a little kick and thrill of its own. Brewed with 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee, Pipeline Porter has a boost of flavor with a smooth style that makes it as awesome as the waves that inspired it. Serve it up! www.KonaBrewingCo.com.