Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon, California 750 ml

My parents and I started Caymus Vineyards in 1972. In the early years, we enjoyed my Dad's homemade wine with our daily lunch before returning to the field - to say I treasured those days would be an understatement. Of course, Napa is now well-known, but throughout our great state, many hills and valleys are yet to be discovered. For some time now I have imagined making a new wine from a broader stretch of California, places my kids and I never tire of exploring, intrigued by the quality of the fruit they can produce. This Cabernet 15 meant to be shared often, with the same ease and enjoyment as my Dad's homemade wine. I'm proud to produce Bonanza, a non-vintage California Cabernet Sauvignon that is rich, dark and delicious. Chuck Wagner.