Locatour Pinot Grigio, Vintage, California, 2016

White wine. Dare to pair with anything! A state of wine. At Locatour Wines, we celebrate California's vineyard bounty. Californians know that the best wine comes from our world-renown valleys. This expertly crafted wine is true to its roots and pairs beautifully with seasonally grown and locally sourced food cornucopia. Drink California and enjoy the Locatour State of Wine. This crisp & refreshing Pinot Grigio has aromas of fresh fruit and flavors of ripe pear, green apple and honeysuckle. Pairs perfectly with lemon chicken, grilled halibut & spaghetti Carbonara. California grown. Alc. 12.0% by vol. Vinted and bottled by Grapevine Wine Cellars, Manteca, CA.