Michelob Ultra Beer, Organic, Lager, Light 6 ea

For those looking to enjoy a great-tasting beer to accompany your active lifestyle, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Organic Light Lager is the perfect choice. Available as canned or bottled beer, this organic light beer offers the refreshing taste of a light lager with 2.5g carbs, 85 calories, and 3.8% alc./vol. per serving - so you can raise a glass without sacrificing on flavor. Made with organic grains, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold is an irresistibly smooth and light lager with a perfectly balanced blend of barley, hops and citrus notes on the palate. It's a refreshingly smooth beer with a hint of sweetness for those moments when you want to enjoy with a superior light beer. Hard work deserves a superior light beer. Grab a Michelob Ultra Pure Gold.