Lagunitas Beer, India Pale Ale 6 ea

Say lah-goo-knee-tuss. Ruthlessly delicious. There are only a couple of things in this life better than opening up a fresh box of hops. One is drinking the beer it later becomes and the other one isn't. You know what the other one is. You know why - I ain't gonna tell you why. In the course of brewing a 500 barrel batch of IPA-from the kettle hops to the dry hops-a brewer gets to do that box opening thing 14 and 1/2 times - Now, this may be a stretch, but if you did the other thing that many times, you probably wouldn't be able to walk. Probably. So you'll understand what we mean when we say that, under certain circumstances, brewing really is better than, well - you know - So: Life's Uncertain, Don't Sip. It speaks, People Mumble. Obey the Buds, and Come visit us sometime! Cheers! Beer speaks.