Castiva Pain Relief, Arthritis

With capsaicin. Ease of use commendation for packaging from Arthritis Foundation. Doctor recommended refers to the active ingredient capsaicin. Deep penetrating. Soothing natural castor oil base. Odor free. Our natural castor oil base uses the latest technology to allow doctor recommended capsaicin to penetrate deeply and provide soothing relief. Simply put, rather than lying on top of the skin, Castiva's unique formulation helps the medicine penetrate your skin to reach where you hurt. Contains doctor recommended natural purified capsaicin, for penetrating pain relief. Odor free. Use up to 3 to 4 times daily. 4 oz easy dispense tube. Arthritis; sprains; simple backache; strains. Feel the deep penetrating relief of Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief Lotion as you massage the formula into your skin. The unique blend of doctor recommended capsaicin and natural castor oil allows Castiva to penetrate deeply to where you hurt so you can get on with your day.