Cocavo Coconut and Avocado Oil, Raw Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, with Turmeric and Lemon

Less saturated fat than regular coconut oils. A combination of unrefined extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin avocado oil, Cocavo has less saturated fat than regular coconut oil. In addition to being high in lauric acid, Cocavo also offers the added health benefits of avocado oil which includes high levels of mono-unsaturated fat, vitamin E and plant sterols. Cocavo has a very high smoke point, which makes it ideal for cooking and enhancing flavors. Cocavo is carefully infused with turmeric and lemon zest oils giving you a perfect flavor balance. Cocavo enhances and brings out the flavors in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. It is ideal for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Sourced from renewable plantations in the South Pacific, New Zealand and California. Visit for more health related information about Cocavo. Non GMO. Dairy and gluten free. Packed in New Zealand.