Cold Shower Cooling Soap Cubes

Double ration, set of two. Benefits of a Cold Shower: Boosts Metabolism: Allowing you to eat more red meat and stay away from kale or salad. Increases Alertness: Good for the man who uses a heavy duty chainsaw to make his living. Speeds Up Muscle Recovery: You never see all-pro line backers taking a hot bath. Eases Stress: If you can handle a cold shower you can handle your mother-in-law. Cool scent put 'em on ice. Put the Heat on Hold: While paving asphalt in South Texas style heat, Duke Cannon longs for two things: a cold beverage and a blast chiller of a shower. Built with a unique cooling formula, these soap cubes are able to crank the cold after 16-hour work days, not 45-minute tennis lessons. Leave one cube in the freezer for maximum effect. A portion of proceeds benefits US veterans. Made in USA.