Soozies Doozies Cookie Dough, Milkiest Chocolate Chip, Gourmet Cookies

No artificial flavors. Canola oil is non genetically engineered. Makes 20 cookies. A dozzie of a cookie. All natural. All natural ingredients. Home recipe. Aluminum free. What is a Doozie? All natural ingredients; no artificial preservatives; no artificial flavors; no hydrogenated oils; unbleached flour; sustainable ingredients; no aluminum baking powder; only cane sugar. Extraordinary cookie. Soozie Sez: Soozie's Doozies is committed to making a better day by providing a deliciously wholesome, ready to bake cookie dough in a new more convenient package. Our cookie dough is made with all natural ingredients that you will feel good about eating and will make you proud to share with your family and friends. Our recipe have been perfected over many years, so now we invite you to bring our home recipe cookie dough from our kitchen to yours. Wheat flour is unbleached and unbromated. Palm oil is sustainably sourced. Visit to find out more about Soozie's Doozies and all natural ingredients.