Sargento Balanced Breaks, Colby Jack/Peanuts/Cranberries, 3 Pack 3 Ea

Want to infuse your break with an indulgent snack kit? Beautiful. Try a Sargento® Balanced Breaks® Colby-Jack Natural Cheese, Sea-Salted Peanuts and Blueberry Juice-Infused Dried Cranberries snack kit — a medley of buttery and creamy Colby-Jack Natural Cheese, crunchy and satisfying, sea-salted peanuts with tart dried cranberries infused with blueberry juice. They’re snack packs for adults! Taking a few moments for yourself helps you be your best self, whether you’re at home, school or work. Grab a delicious cheese snack, take a break, then get out there and win the rest of your day. From a third-generation, family-owned company.