Simply Lemonade, With Raspberry, Light 52 fl oz

The undeniable, incomparable taste of lemonade often comes with visions of summertime. Hot sunny days, cold glass pitchers and curbside lemonade stands. Simply Light Lemonade with Raspberry has taken that classic lemonade experience and added an extra twist—the sweet taste of raspberries. And, it’s surprisingly refreshing—even with 75% less sugar and calories than our regular lemonade. With its perfect balance of tasty and simple ingredients, you can enjoy a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade drink with fewer calories.* Light, flavorful and refreshing, this is the epitome of an afternoon drink for when you’re craving something delicious. It goes perfectly with any meal or snack, and is especially good in the summer—when lemonade always tastes best. Non-GMO and fewer calories*, Simply Light Lemonade with Raspberry is made with real lemon juice so it doesn’t sacrifice the lemonade taste you know and love—making it the perfect juice drink and a great choice for anyone looking for a fresh-tasting lemonade. Other flavors like Light Lemonade with Strawberry offer a variety of options for when you want to shake things up. But at the end of the day, Simply Light Lemonade uses high-quality ingredients to give you a deliciously satisfying lemonade. After all, we believe that the best things are made simply. With Simply Light Lemonade with Raspberry, the difference is clear. Because with Simply, there’s nothing to hide. *75% less sugar and calories than our regular lemonade. Calories: This product contains 25 calories. Simply Lemonade contains 120 calories. Sugar: This product contains 5g of sugar. Simply Lemonade contains 28g of sugar.