Yo Crunch Yogurt, Lowfat, Twix, Vanilla, 4 ea

Add some crunch with a 4-pack of YoCrunch(R) Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt with TWIX(R) Candy Pieces.* This vanilla yogurt is deliciously smooth and creamy. Best of all, it comes with TWIX(R) candy pieces as a topping so you can add a fun crunch to every bite. At YoCrunch, we’ll never stop cranking up every basement and basic hang with some yogurt goodness and a whole lotta crunched up, over-the-top fun. Our yogurt comes in single serve yogurt cups, pairing tasty flavors with delicious toppings for a pre-portioned, off-the-charts yummy treat. A good source of vitamin D, these sweet snacks offer the goodness of yogurt with crunchy TWIX(R) candies your family will love. YoCrunch puts snack time in your control. Grab a yogurt cup and sprinkle your desired amount of toppings, save them for last, or mix 'em all in for maximum crunch. Pack as a snack for school or road trips. Enjoy them as snacks to go during busy days or for a fun mid-day break. Available in a wide range of flavors and toppings, YoCrunch offers a fun experience the family can enjoy. Mix it up with YoCrunch Vanilla Yogurt with TWIX(R). *(C) Mars or Affiliates.