Duke Cannon Supply Body Spray, Dry Ice Powder

Trench warfare. Put the heat on hold. Hard working men know things can get a bit swampy down in the trenches. That's why Duke's Cannon's Dry Ice Powder is designed to keep you cool and dry where it counts. This product is built for 12-hour work days, not 45-minute tennis lessons. Activated charcoal to deodorize. Menthol & eucalyptus oil to cool. Aloe vera & calamine to soothe. Made with superior grade talc, sourced from the Rocky Mountain foothills of Montana, for long-lasting protection. Eliminates threats of: swamp crotch, hockey stench, bat wings, trucker butt, sweat marks etc. Paraben free. May not be suitable for sensitive skin or Spencer in human resources. Not for clowns. dukecannon.com. A portion of proceeds benefits US Veterans. Recycle when empty. No CFCs: Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. Made in the USA.