Duke Cannon Supply Brick of Soap, Big Ass, Smells Like Naval Supremacy

This soap product is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men. The scent is inspired by navigating the high seas. Stock no. 013. Steel cut grains + triple milled for superior quality. 3x bigger than common bar soaps. Not for clowns. Military Specs: Inspired by soap used by GIs during the Korean War. Tested by active duty US Military personnel. Made in the same plant that supplied Korena War troops. Duke Cannon is a man's man. Duke Cannon doesn't dine with vegans, and he could give a damn about you new selfie stick. Duke Canon comes from a difference era - an era when mean had a greater purpose than building spreadsheets and spending their Saturdays shopping for the perfect pair of chinos. A portion of proceeds benefits US Veterans. Manufactured in USA.