Duke Cannon Supply Foot & Boot Spray, Grunt Powder

Built to keep dry, reduce friction, and neutralize odors. Trench warfare. Don't let the dogs bark. Hard working men know they need to take care of what protects them most. That's why Duke Cannon's Grunt Powder is designed to keep your feet and boots dry, friction-free, and smelling correct. This product is built for 12 hour work days, not 30-minute Instagram webinars. Activated charcoal to deodorize. Calamine to keep dry & reduce friction. Menthol & eucalyptus oil to soothe. Made with superior grade talc, sourced from the Rocky Mountain foothills of Montana, for long-lasting protection. Infantry tested. Infantry approved. Paraben free. May not be suitable for powerpoint rangers or Simon in risk management. Not for clowns. dukecannon.com. A portion of proceeds benefits US Veterans. Recycle when empty. No CFCs: Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. Made in the USA.