Dumpling Press 4 In

Dedicated to the art of eastern cooking. Perfect for making potstickers, international turnovers and dumplings for appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, desserts and light snacks. Quick, easy and fun to use. — Helen Chen so easy to use! Dumplings. Piroshki. Empanadas. Potstickers. Kreplachs. Samosas. Pasties. Raviolis. Perogies. Turnovers. Welcome to Helen's Asian Kitchen — an in-depth, quality resource for your own Asian kitchen. I learned to cook the old-fashioned way — from my mother. Developed through many years of culinary experience, this innovative collection provides the high-quality standards serious cooks demand and every cook deserves. Join me in Helen's Asian Kitchen and experience the romance and excitement of traditional Asian cuisine without the mystery. — Helen Chen. This Dumpling Press is one of the easiest tools for quickly making popular Being-style potstickers. Even my cousin, May from Shanghai; uses it! For best results, use round potsticker wrappers. www.HelensAsianKitchen.com. www.HaroldsKitchen.com. Not affiliated with Joyce Chen products. Food safe. Made in China.